As any somewhat proficient IT nerd, I do of course have befriend some cats that decided to keep living in my house


Fizzy was one of our first cats, for a long time it was only her and Mjow. However Mjow moved away, but she is still here!

Her name should have been Fuzzy, because she is quite fuzzy on whom and when she accepts to be petted.


Beacon came from our second batch of kittens. He and his sister Katla. He got his name from his identifying white spot on the end of his tail.

He has two more identifying personal traits. Firstly he has a foot fetish, and secondly he is totally a personal space invader.


Katla, our final cat. She came with Beacon in our second batch of kittens. She is a real cuddlebug and races us to our bed when it is time to go to sleep. She does however leave the bedroom soon after noisy humans fall asleep.